Autumn Make up look

Autumn Make up look

Hello everybody,

So as so many of you liked my make up look things i thought that i’d do my Autumn make up look! I really hope you all enjoy this post and if you do give a like! 🙂

Okay so as it’s Autumn I like having a bit more of a natural look. I don;t really know why but i just think that Autumn is a very natural season, so a natural make up look goes well. (WOW that was kinda poetic!) However, i must admit i do love wearing berry colour lip sticks (preferably darker coloured ones :)), i just feel like they are very autumny (don’t think that was a word but oh well)!

As always I start my make up look by washing and moisturising my face. I do this for 2 reasons. 1 so that it takes any other make up off my face that was previously on it and 2 it just makes my skin really clear so when i put my make up on it doesn’t clog it up as much! And as per usual i use my simple face wash and tea tree moisturiser. I got my face wash from tesco, and i think it was £2.00 and my moisturiser is from super drug and that was £1.50 but i do believe both these products are sold in many other stores.img_6453

So once my face is all clean and washed i apply my cover up stick. Now personally i’m not a huge fan of foundation because i just feel like it really clogs up your skin so i prefer to use a cover up stick in the places i feel i really need it. I blend this out with my beauty blender thing. I feel like this gives good coverage so it does the job. Again this one was from tesco and was only £1.00 (i think). I’m pretty sure you can buy these in any make up store though.

Depending on the day i might or might not contour my face. But ‘m going to pretend that on the day of this look i do! So i obviously use my face the day pallet. I did do a whole post on this as I’m really loving it right now- so i’ll leave a link to that right here if you want to go check it out.   But yeah so as you can see I’m a little bit obsessed with this pallet. Again i blend this with my beauty blender. Or sometimes i might use a brush.image

Now the base of my face is done, i move onto my eyes. Now to be honest with you all i very rarely wear eye liner, because i can’t really apply it properly. Part of this is because i wear glasses, so you know i can’t see it that well. Do any of you get that problem? So anyway i skip the eye liner and just go straight to the mascara. I use this avon one that i got last christmas. Or if i feel extra risky i use my fibre lashes. Which basically if you don’t know what that is, you apply tiny fibres to your eye to give it a bit more volume. I’ll attach a picture so that you know what i mean. My avon one was something like £3 and the five lash was around £5 ish mark.img_6457

I also can rarely be bothered to do eyeshadow so i’ll leave that step out for this time 😉

Last, but not least i wear my berry lipstick. Now my one is very battered in and i kinda need to purchase a new one. It’s more of a lip crayon but same thing. This is a deep purply colour and i just love it. I got this from boots and it was £3.99.

So this was a slightly longer (705 words, that may not seem a lot to you put compared to previous posts thats quite a lot for me!) post but i hope you all enjoyed it. Also let me know if you prefer the longer ones or the shorter ones in the comments. And i was thinking of posting every day again but I’m not sure….

Bye for now,

Milalor X x X x

(And I’ve just realised the feature image is upside down…. oops)!!





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