Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Hola everyone!!!!   (thought that i’d try a different introduction today!)

So today to be honest i wasn’t to sure what to write about, but once i saw how much you all like my make up routines i thought id do a different type of routine. So this is my morning routine. (there will be one from the other writer to follow).

I hope you enjoy this and don’t forget to come back soon for another post> Also say in the comments if you’d like a night version as well.

Okay so i wake up at 7:00am every week day (unless it is a weekend of course which i usually wake up at about 8 it on). If you have seen my top ways to save time in mornings you’d already know this. But yeah so 7 am every day.

As soon as i wake up i go in the shower. Now i don’t wash my hair in the mornings as i wouldn’t be able to dry it in time so i wash that in the evenings. I’m usually in the shower for about 10 minutes.

When i get out the shower i obviously dry off, and usually go on my phone or come onto wordpress and read any comments or read my favourite blogs.

When i am dry i get dressed. Now i am someone who likes to get their outfit ready the night before so i just put whatever i chose on then go get my breakfast.

When i go get my breakfast it’s usually about 7:25 ish. Now i typically have 2 wheat-a-bixes with a sprinkle of sugar and some milk, i think this is just a really easy breakfast to make as it literally take seconds and its kinda yummy! Now when i eat my breakfast i like to watch a little bit of telly.

Once I’ve done that i go up to brush my teeth. Pretty basic stuff really but anyways…….

Once my teeth are all cleaned i put on my make up on however i don’t wear make up every day it just depends what type of mood I’m in. But if you want to know my make up routine go check out my blog post on it from earlier on. Make up Routine

Now if i need to i go and pack my bag, and that is a typical morning routine. I’ve usually done all that by 7:45 ish or sometimes around 8.

Please let me know if you like this post and sorry that it was a little bit long and ramberly but i hoped you enjoyed it!!

Bye for now,

Milalor X x X x


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