How to save time in the mornings.

How to save time in the mornings.

Hello everyone,

So today  I wanted to write about ways to save time in the mornings. If you are like me your mornings are very rushed and you end up forgetting thousands of things. With is why i decided to share with you all some ways I thought of to save time. So I hope you like this style post and let me know what you think by giving it a like or comment. Don’t forget to check back for another blog soon!!

So my number one top tip (which is really quite obvious) is to set a alarm. Now when I say set a alarm i mean one that gives you a decent amount of time to get ready. For instance say you need to go somewhere at about 8:20am I would typically get up at around severn so I know that i’ll have time to do what i want to do.

Another idea would be to get everything ready in the evening before. Say you need to take a packed lunch to school/work, then make it the night before and leave it in the fridge over night. This is guaranteed to save you a chunk of time in the morning.

You can even pick out your outfit the night before. This will most defiantly save you a decent amount of time in the mornings. I feel like this saves a lot of time so you can do other things. If you don’t usually pick your outfit till the morning because of the weather, then get 2 different looks out so you can choose between the 2.

If you are just someone who hates the thought of having to get up in the mornings so just wake up leaving yourself 10 minutes to get ready, then this will probably help you. Instead of dreading the mornings, go to bed a little bit earlier so you’ll wake up feeling fresher. Another thing that i think really helps is also just having a nice cup of coffee first thing to give you a burst of energy.

Im sorry if this blog was really short but let me know what you thought!

Bye for ow.

Milalor X x X x


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