10 of the most awkwardest things!

10 of the most awkwardest things!

Hello everyone,

Today we wanted to share with you all 10 of the most awkwardest (if thats even a word) moments that we’ve all been through. Let me know in the comments your most awkwardest moment! I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check back for another post…..

  1. when you have to introduce yourself. Is it just me or is this just the worst possible thing its like well what do you want me to say!
  2. Linking onto number 1 is having to give 3 facts about you. Now i really hate it when a teacher/other person tells you to stand up and give facts about yourself. Now personally i don’t think I’m a interesting person so this is always tricky.
  3. When walking down a hallway and buying into some one. This one is so awkward. Let me know if this has ever happened to you.
  4. Just like number 3 is when you walk infant of someone and you both kinda go the same way. I don’t know how to explain this but I’m sure you all know what i mean. Its even worse when you trie to go the other way but they also try to go that way!!!
  5. Waving to the wrong person. When you think you see your friend so you obviously wave or even worse go say hello. Then soon realise that ,that was not your friend instead it was a complete stranger.
  6. Happy birthday. So its your birthday and everyone decides to sing happy birthday to you. Its just like where do i look…..
  7. Trying to explain a song. So you are trying to explain a song to someone without having to sing it, within about 5 minuets of trying that and realising that 5 long minutes of you trying to do so they have no clue what you are going on about, so you end up singing it anyway.
  8. Telling a joke. So you’ve just told a joke that you have found insanely  funny but no one else understood, then having to explain it and no one then finding it funny.
  9. Pull or push?! When you go to open a door and you pull/push it then realising it doesn’t open seeing then a MASSIVE sign saying the complete oppersite to what you just did. And therefore instantly feeling stupid.
  10. Realising that when you’ve read all these and have thought to yourself that you have been though everything listed!!

I hope you all liked this post. Give it a like and comment if you did so we know if you want more of these type of posts.

Bye for now,

milalor X x X x


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