DIY guinea pig toys

DIY guinea pig toys

hello everyone,

So some of you asked for another guinea pig one i thought i’d show you some DIY guinea pig toys! these can work as just small animal toys as well though. most of them use the cardboard bit in a toilet roll so be prepared to look slightly weird as you will need to hoard toilet roll cardboard things!

anyway number one its like a treat cracker so you will need one cardboard toilet roll, a sheet of newspaper and some of your animals favourite treats or food. lay the toilet roll down the longest side in the middle.

then roll the newspaper round the roll. after twist one end together leaving the other open so you can add the treats before twisting the opened end. most newspaper ink is non toxic but you might need to check by using the internet as it depends on the brand/company. However your pet may not even chew the newspaper rip through it to get to its tasty food. then once the cracker has been broke just remove it from the cage/hutch.


for the next one all you need is another cardboard toilet roll scissors and some more treats. first cut the toilet roll into rings you may need to re shape them so they are more circular. then simply loop them over one another till they form a ball. leave a small gap to add treats into then after reposition the hoops to close any bigger gaps. that’s it a little treat ball.


this one I recommend not leaving it in the hutch/cage as the cottons could get wrapped round their body without you knowing. I just use a old t-shit and cut it into strips then once I have a set of three a tie a knot and plait down till I reach the bottom then tie another knot. this is like a tug and war toy so when you play with your small animal you can have a cute tug of war (obviously be gentle as you are more powerful than them). or a alternative is if you have two eg. guinea pigs they can have their own tug of war (its so cute 🙂 ) just be sure to keep it out the cage/ hutch  when you are not there.

I hope this gives you a idea of some cheap and easy diys for your small animals. If you use any other ideas I would love to know so I give my guinea pigs something new.

love milalor xx


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