Healthy snack ideas

Healthy snack ideas

hi everybody,

in todays blog I thought I would share with you some healthy snack ideas. these are particularly perfect for summer so I hope you enjoy.

What I think is the most easiest is fruit kebabs. All you need to do is pick out some of your favourite fruits, or you could try some new exotic ones, and cut them into bite sized pieces. Lastly place on the skewer. To make it look nicer, or for something the kids will enjoy doing, use a small cookie cutter to shape the fruit.

Another fairly quick one is apple slices, don’t worry they’re not plain. First core the apple ( you can then give the core to your guinea pigs maybe if you have any) then cut into slices so you have rings. After spread a nut butter or honey over the apple. to add more flavour top with dried fruit or fresh small berries. You cold leave it like that or cover another slice  in the same spread and stick on top to make a healthy bagel.

Let me know in the comments of your favourite snack ideas.

Bye for now,

milalor xx




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