My Holiday To Cornwall

My Holiday To Cornwall

Hello everyone,

So I just got back of my holiday to cornwall! So I thought that I’d share with you all what I got up to while i was there. We stayed in a tent while we were there but not one of them tiny 1 man tents no no no, this one was a 6  man massive tent. Lets just say we came prepared (we literally brought everything from home)! But anyway below I’ve attached a few pictures and places i went and i hope you enjoy reading…

Now the campsite we stay on is I think called perran sands, in Perenporth. Its right by the beach, so you don’t have to walk far. It’s SURROUNDED in sand dunes. Like there are genuinely loads of them! But back to what I was saying its right by the beach about a 5 minute walk.

On the beach there is a little bar which is the perfect place to watch the sunset. Here Ive attached a picture of one of the sunsets….

Now we also went on a day to trip to this mime place that was really cool!! I have forgotten the name of it but it was really fun.

We also found a shop called trago mills i don’t know if any of you have ever heard of it but let me know in the comments if you have. But any way they literally sell everything, from carpets to cloths!

Because the weather was so nice (quite suppressing for England), we spent most of the time on the beach with is why there isn’t much more to say really. But i hope you enjoyed this post and come back soon for another one.

bye for now,

milalor Xxx


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