Blonde Hair Care!

Blonde Hair Care!

Hello everyone,

Today i wanted to talk to you all about blonde hair. Now i have blonde hair and i can tell you that it’s quite hard to look after. For example i have to wash it every other day because otherwise it gets really dark and greasy! Does your hair do that? Or is it just me? Anyway like i was saying it gets greasy so so so easily! So just incase anyone else who reads this has blonde hair (or any other colour hair that they find hard to maintain) i thought that i’d tell you all my hair care routine. Also let me know in the comments if you have the same problem/if you have another recommedations of products that you think are good for light hair. And i hope you enjoy todays post, don’t forget to come back tomorrow!!

So as i mentioned i wash my hair every other day. I do this because other wise it gets really greasy and dark. So yeah i wash it every other day.

I use my colour care blonde shampoo and conditioner i do believe you can get this for other hair colours as well as blond hair. I just buy it from my local supermarket.

When my hair is all nice and clean i prefer to let it dry on its own but sometimes i do just use a hair dryer just to save time. If i use a hair dryer i do use my heat protection spray to to stop it from getting damaged.

Usually when i’ve just washed it it isn’t frizzy but sometimes it can be, and it is defiantly the day after I’ve washed it! But i’ll either use my frizz control spray or i’ll either straighten it or curl it. As my hair is naturally dead straight it never really needs straighteing, but i do for some reason find that straightening helps control the frizz. If i do straighten my hair i apply some heat protection spray.

However if i can’t be bothered to straighten my hair i will just put in my straightening moose. It does the job!!

And i get my hair trimmed roughly every 8 weeks. However I do find that in the summer it does seem to grow a lot quicker so 8 weeks roughly is perfect but in the winter it doesn’t grow as much. Also i do also find that in the winter my hair gets darker, which is why in the summer it’s good to be in the sun as it’s lightening up my hair!!! And I just thought that i would add that i don’t dye my hair it is natural!!

Sorry this was quite a short blog but i just wanted to share this with you all. Let me know if you liked this post.

Bye for now,

Milalor X


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