Festival make up look!

Festival make up look!

Hello everyone,

In todays post i wanted to share with you make festival make up look. I know that there have been a lot of festivals this summer and there are still more to come so i hope that you enjoy this post. And let me know in the comments any other things you’d like us to blog about.

Okay so I start this look by moisturising my face. I use the same moisturiser i used in my daily make up routine (so be sure to check that post out). Anyway so i apply that all over my face just to keep it fresh.image

Then once that is applied i put on my foundation. This one is also in my make up routine post. I blend the using my beauty blender. Once thats all applied i put on a little bit of concealer just under my eyes and on any spots. Again i blend this using my beauty blender.image

So now thats all done  I highlight and contour my face. I use my face the day pallet that i got from super drug. And again i blend this using my beauty blender.image

Now as it’s a festival look i like to apply some blush. To do this i use my real techniques brush and just gently run it down my cheeks (thats the only way i can think of to describe it). This just adds a pop of colour to my cheeks! I use the blush in my face the day pallet in the picture above.

Now for the eyes. For a festival i like to use a brightly coloured eye shadow. I do like a smokey eye and get darker on the outside. I like to use a pink or blue colour on my eyes as its not a colour id usually use. For this i use this massive eyeshadow thing that i got years and years ago but it still does the job.image

For eye liner I use this blue sparkly one. I feel like it’s great for festivals! I can’t remember where i got it from but i’ll try to find out.image

I still use the same black mascara, my good old rimmel london one.image

Now for my lips. I like to use a really bright pink lipstick. Once i applied that i go over it with my pink lip gloss just to add a bit of extra shimmer.image

I also like to add a few sequins to my face as well. I would attach a picture of them but I don’t currently have any.

Let me know also if you like these type of post/if you’d like me to do different make up looks!

Bye for now!!

Milalor X x X x


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