Top 29 Life Hacks!!

Top 29 Life Hacks!!

Hello everyone,

I wanted to something a little different today and that is to share with all of you my top 29 life hacks! So i hope you enjoy this post and let me know if you’d like more of these posts!

  1. Okay so this first one is that when you travel and you take your suitcases that you check in but fear that some one has the same one. Take a ribbon a tie a bow around the handle of your suitcase and then you know what one is yours.
  2. Say someone gives you a business card and you know that your bound to loose it sooner or later, then you should take a picture of it on your phone so you will never lose it.
  3. When you do the ironing and you come across that nice button of shirt that you really love but have no clue how to iron it, then iam going to tell you all how to iron it easy. Simply turn your shirt in-side out to iron the button side a lot easier.
  4. For this life hack you will need some batteries! Take your batteries and drop them from about 6 inches of the ground if they bounce once and fall right over then they are good but if they give multiple bounces then they are dead.
  5.   click the little link next to this writing to see number 5!
  6. Use binder clips to fix broken key bored feet.
  7. Put your pancake mix in a ketchup bottle for no mess when making your pancakes!!
  8. When you go to tho the beach you need somewhere to put your stuff like your phone and keys. So what you need to do is clean out a sun cream bottle and put all of your stuff in there. No one would ever guess!!
  9. Use a muffin tray to serve your sauces at a party/ bbq. It will create less to clean up.
  10. On your key ring there are so many keys there is no way you can identify what all of them are for. So take different colour nail polishes and colour the top of each one!
  11. Freeze white grapes to chill down white wine.
  12. To remove strawberry stems use a straw and put it up the strawberry.
  13. Use a rubber band around the top of your paint can so you can wipe your paint brush when you take it out plus it will stop paint from getting on the outside of the can.
  14. put a sock around the end of a hoover to pick up any small teams.
  15. Add time lables on your water bottle to ensure that you drink enough water.
  16. When drinking a canned drink twist the little metal tab around so you can get your straw in without it falling over.
  17. When boiling a egg add one table spoon of baking soda so the shell will come of a lot easier.
  18. When eating a cupcake slice it in half across so then you get to eat the icing with the cake!
  19. Need to quickly iron your collar? Use a pair of straighteners to give it a quick iron.
  20. When putting your cloths away in a draw put them in vertically so you can see them all.
  21. When eating a ice lolly in the summer put a cup cake case underneath it so that you won’t have it drip all down you instead it will melt into the cupcake case.
  22. Use bread clips to label power cords.
  23. Hold oreos with a fork so you can properly dip them in milk.
  24. When on holiday keep emergency money in a empty chap stick bottle.
  25. Use a glasses/sun glasses case to keep cables in it to stop them from getting lost!
  26. When going shopping take a picture of your fridge so that you know exactly what you need to buy and what you don’t. You can also do this with cupboards.
  27. Before you throw away a post it note run it along the gaps in a key bored to collect anything like dust a fluff!
  28. Take a crab clip to stop cords from getting tangled.
  29. When lighting hard to reach candles, light the end of a piece of spaghetti to be able to reach them!!

I hope you enjoyed todays post! Let me know in the comments any other good life hacks that you know of!! Also don’t forget to follow us on instagram MilalorOfficial_15

Bye for now!

Milalor X x X x



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