My handbag collection

My handbag collection

Hi everyone,

In todays post i wanted to share with you my over the top handbag collection. Now i for some reason have a lot of handbags sitting in my draw, and to be honest i don’t really use them all. I  think i only use about 2 of them but hey ho it doesn’t matter. Do any of you have quite a substantial handbag collection? If you do let me know in the comments below (haha I’m a poet and i didn’t even know it)! But yeah so i thought that i’d show all of you my handbag colection so here we go and i hope you enjoy!…


So this bag is probably one of my most used and favourites. Its a Calvin Klein one and i think i got it from Canada so I’m not sure if its available in the UK or not but if someone knows it is let me know in the commets!image

The next one here is again one of my most used ones. It’s a real leather over the shoulder handbag and i got this one of a market in Mexico so I’m pretty sure you can only get it in mexico! But it worked out quite cheap even though its real leather so i just couldn’t resist buying it!image

Now this one is my good old primark one (can’t beat a cheap primark bag)! Its was probably £12 or something like that. And to be honest the quality of it is really good so i can’t really fault this one!! But i don’t use it that often as its quite big.image

This one I can’t tell you where it’s from because it’s a secret… Haha just joking but to be honest i don’t actually know where its from but anyway if any of you have this one please leave a comment and tell me where you got it from. I really like the Green colour of this bag, i don’t really know why but i just do. If i’m wearing a plain outfit it really just adds a pop of colour.image

This next one if from New Look, i would tell you the price but i don’t know it as it was brought to me for a birthday present. I like this one as it’s got a nice glossy finish. And the colour is just my favourite. I wear this bag with my black jeans as it does quite nicely with them!image

Now i was going to continue on bags but i figured your all probably a bit bored of me going off describing all my bags to you so i thought in this post i could also include 2 of my favourite purses.

This purse is my absolute favourite! Its my michael kors one and i got it for christmas so i can’t really tell you how much it is. But anyway i really like it because it has a phone case built into it as well a card pouch and a note space. But yeah its really handy because when i go shopping i don’t have to have my big phone case and purse in my bag. So yeah i find it really handy!!

Lastly, the last thing I’m going to blab on about today is my life saving primark  purse. This purse is the perfect size, its got a perfect amount of room and for £5 (i think) it was really just a all round bargain!image

I hope you enjoy this post and let me know if you would like more of these style posts and don’t forget to follow our instagram      MilalorOfficial_15  for more posts!

Bye for now…..

Milalor XxXxXx



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