How to stay Organised

How to stay Organised

Hello Everyone, (I feel like I need to find something other than ‘hello everyone’)

I wanted to tell you all some ways that you can remain organised. Now I’m no expert when it comes to being organised but I still wanted to share with you all how I kinda stay organised throughout the year. I thought with school starting again soon it was the perfect time for this post.  Also sorry if it gets a bit ramberly at times but anyway here we go…

Okay so the most important thing to stay organised is to keep a diary of events. I’ll attach a picture of my diary below so you can all see the type I mean. It’s always  good to have a diary as you can record any important events down in them, or keep track of your homework. I check my diary every morning and night to make sure I’ve done everything I needed to do that day. I also like to cross of the days so I know where I’m at! Whenever someone tells me that an event is happening on a date i fill my diary in straight away. I do think however some people have three or four diaries  and the problem with that is that everything is spread out so personally i thinks its best to just have 1.image

Post it notes! I couldn’t live without post it notes. They are so handy to write little reminders onto. For instance say you have to take out the bin stick a post it note with the reminder on it so when you walk past the door you’ll see it and be instantly reminded. Not only this but post it notes make great book marks. Just stick one in your book on your current page so you never lose it.

Have folders. So you have a pile of bills stacked up on the side somewhere with nowhere to put them. Well a folder is your answer. They are great at organising paperwork and that sort of stuff. It’s also a good idea to have the ones where you can attach labels so know what folder goes where.image

That brings me onto my next thing labels! You can able things such as your herbs and spices in the kitchen, or your pens and pencils either way labels make a great organiser!

Keep on track of things. Okay so this one is easier than it seems. Some people will think that it’s really hard to keep track of everything that’s going on in their day that they’ll forget things. And that is why if you run through everything you’ll need to do in that day in the morning your mind will be refreshed on what you need to do. Or if you are forgetful a diary will sure help with this one. Maybe a small one you can keep in your bag?image

Another thing to stay organised is to create a DIY storage box. This is a great way  to keep all of your stuff sorted and in a certain place. See the featured image in order to see what it looks like. If you want to create one yourself here is what you need to:

First you need to find yourself a little cardboard box, make sure it’s a reasonable size for the contence you’d like to put in it.

Now find some empty toilet roll holder board cardboard thing. card. I don’t really know what it’s called but it’s the cardboard thing in-between the paper. Take about 3 of these and glue/tape them into the box. These will act like little holders for pens and pencils/stuff like that. Before you glue them down take some old wrapping paper just to decorate them a little bit if you don’t want the cardboard colour, you can do this on the box as well.

Once that is all done you can trim down a piece of paper and write down the days of the week and stick them around the box with some space underneath them. This is so that you can write down anything you need to do that day on a post it note and stick that underneath the day that it needs to be done on.

Your box is now pretty much complete, all you need to do is add in all of your stuff. And wola!! You have created your very own DIY storage box.

As an extra you could add a little envelope onto the side of the box for added storage space for little tiny things, such as small buttons or something else like that.

Okay so I hope you enjoyed todays blog if you want to know where i got any of this stuff from leave a comment down below. Also let me know if you made the storage box on our instagram MilalorOfficial_15 and i just want to say sorry it got a little bit ramberly at times but yeah…..

Bye for now!

Milalor XxXx




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