5 things I hate!

5 things I hate!

hello everyone,

So in todays post i wanted to share with you all 5 things i absolutely hate/can’t stand or that annoy me! Most of these are probably weird things that wouldn’t bother most people but anyway…

  1. Okay so the number one thing I really can’t stand are feet/toes! I don’t know why but they just make me feel sick and i hate em! I think it’s just everything about a foot that i hate. All the little bones toes and that…. To be honest this is literally my worst nightmare writing about them…  I don’t get how people could want to go bare feet?! Some people have really disgusting feet (awkward cringe…) But yeah so i really hate feet and toes!image
  2. Another thing I hate are veins. Especially the really noticeable ones. I don’t really have a reason for hating them but i just do. As well as veins i really hate that bone under your wrist. You know that little one that you only see when you bend your wrist forward. eeeekkk. I would attach a picture but i don’t really want to.
  3. Now this thing kinda annoys me, you know when you pack to go on a holiday you think you have everything but when you reach your destination you realise you forgot something? That. It just annoys me so much I can’t even put it into words.
  4. It really annoys me when you grow your nails really nice and long the out of no where your nails pretty much splits! Like you put in all your hard work for your nail to just fail on you. Then you can either file your nail all the way down or just cut it off…
  5. I also really hate it when people use hashtags in every word, It’s just not needed!

I feel like I could just go on forever but I’m not going to (what a positive person i am! ). Let me know in the comments of anything that annoys you! I hope you enjoyed this post, and that horrible picture of feet and toes (that are not my feet and toes) that will know be on this blog forever!! Let me know in the comments of any thing that annoys you.

Check back tomorrow for another post!

Love Milalor XxXx


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