Summer into Autumn

Summer into Autumn

Hello Everyone,

In today’s post I wanted to basically moan about how it’s almost Autumn and summers almost over! But instead I’m going to tell you all the GOOD things about it being Autumn soon.

So the first thing is obviously the fashion. I personally love Autumn fashion. All the knit wear jumpers and jeans, tan Chelsea boots. Ugh I just love it.

And the fact that when Autumn comes it means it’s nearly winter and that means it’s nearly christmas! And christmas is just the best holiday.

Autumny scented candles. I absolutely love scented candles but the autumn scents are by far the best! Let me knowing the comments if you know of any good scented candles!

The colours! All the burnt oranges, reds, and brows. They are all so so so pretty. Don’t you all just love it when you are on a long walk amongst all the trees?!

Anyway that’s all for today’s post. Below I attached some of my favourite Autumn pics, I have these as all my screen savers.

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Bye for now,

Milalor xx


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