Ways to spice up a outfit!

Ways to spice up a outfit!

Hi everyone,

So today I wanted to tell you all some ways that you can just jazz up an outfit a little bit!

Have you ever been in one of them situations when you’ve just chucked on a pair of jeans and yesterdays t-shirt because you thought you had nothing on that day then suddenly somethings comes up? Or you’ve got an event to go to put don’t want to have to buy a completely new outfit (even though we’d all want to)? Well then I’m going to share with you all some of the ways you can spice up a basic outfit.

  1. Okay so for this one all your gong to need is a bandanna. Now you can buy these pretty much anywhere right now and for quite a cheap price. So you can wear a bandanna several ways.  One of these is to tie it round your wrist, or if you don’t fancy that you can loosely tie it round your neck. If neither of these appeal to you then you could put your hair in a high messy pony and tie it round your head!
  2. Add colour! So for this one your going to either need a brightly coloured bag or pair of shoes. And from their it’s pretty simple.
  3. Include some funky patterns such as leaped print shoes!
  4. So you’ve put on your black dress but worry it looks a little boring? Add a statement  necklace to bring the whole look together!

Okay so that was todays post and I hoped you enjoyed reading. If you know of any other ways to add that little bit extra to boring outfits then leave us a comment telling us your ideas or head over to our instagram, MilalorOfficial_15

Bye for now!

Milalor X


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