Make up Routine

Make up Routine

Hi everyone,

In today’s post I wanted to share with you all my daily make up routine. I’m not gonna lie my make up routine is pretty basic and simple and doesn’t require a lot of effort! But anyway I hope you enjoy reading my routine. Let me know any recommendations you have of any good make-up products as I’m always looking for new things! On our instagram  I have a bit more information about the products over there so go and give it a like and follow MilalorOfficial_15 .

First of all I like to wash my face. I like to use my simple face wash as it’s really good on sensitive skin like mine, it’s actually suitable for all skin types!image

Then I apply my tea tree moisturizer all over my face to make a good base for my makeup it also helps to keep my face nice and soft.image

Now I start working on my face. Depending on the day I might or might not wear foundation. If I do however I wear the miss sporty mission correction, this foundation gives you great coverage.image

Now for contour and highlighting! This has to be my favourite part of my routine. I use my face the day palette and basically just put the contour  along my cheek bones, jaw line, hair line and bridge of my nose. Then I put my highlighter under my eyes, on my cupids bow, below my brows, in-between my brows and on my chin. I blend this all together using my beauty blender (which is incredibly dirty!). image

So I’m now gonna fill in my brows. I a matte eyeshadow, I use the light brown colour. To apply this I use my angled brow brush.image

So once my brows are filled in I like to do my eye shadow. I personally like to do a subtle smokey eye. Again I like to use my facetheday pallet. Basically I simply use the lightest shade on my lid  and get darker in the crease.

On my eye lashes I use my rimmel London water proof mascara.image

Then lastly on my lips I either use a lipstick or lip gloss. I’ll attach a few pics of my faves. they are  well loved  so aren’t in the best condition but it does show you how much I use them.


I’m sorry this post is really long but if you actually read it all thank you x. I know it must seem that I spend about 30 mins on my make up a day but I  actually spend 10 if that! XX

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post and ill write again tomorrow! XXXX

love Milalor



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