Healthy Pasta Bake

Healthy Pasta Bake

Hello Everyone,

In todays post i thought id tell you about my favourite pasta bake recipe! This recipe can feed up to 6 people so its great for when you have a gathering with friends. I would suggest a side salad to go with but that is optional! I hope you enjoy! If you do make this send us a picture on instagram so we can see it! (MilalorOfficial_15) let us know if you added anything to it as well!!

Okay so enough of me rambling, this is what you are going to need:

  1. 500-750g of pasta of your choice
  2. 3 chopped peppers
  3. 8 chopped tomatoes
  4. 5 chopped mushrooms
  5. half a chopped onion
  6. Ready cooked chicken (this is optional)
  7. 2 jars of your preferred pasta sauce (i like to use a chunky veg one)
  8. mozzarella


  1. Add some water to a sauce pan and start cooking your pasta.
  2. While your pasta is cooking chop up all your veg.
  3. Now your pasta is all cooked you need to put it in a large oven safe container i don’t really know the name of them but usually they are china!?
  4. Now add in all your veg, sauce, mozzarella and chicken and stir it all together.
  5. Now cook in the oven for 15-20 minuets at 200 degrees.
  6. Now take your incredibly scummy  pasta and serve with a optional side salad!

And there you have it a easy,simple,lovely kinda healthy pasta bake.

I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for another post.

Love Milalor Xx


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