Mexican Advenetures

Mexican Advenetures

Hey everyone,

I want to share with you my holiday to Mexico! I stayed in Play del Carmen and lets just say it was amazing! The views were so so pretty i loved every single minute of it. So i am going to share with you some of the pictures that i took. I hope you enjoy…

Also while your watching the pictures i just wanted to tell you a little bit about the hotel. So the hotel we stayed in was a Riu one (the chain)and i believe it was the palace. They entire lay out of the hotel was amazing, it was right on the beach, there were several pool and great food! There were soooooo many weddings happening while we were there so you could just stand and watch.As well as this there were quite a few trips to go on as well. If you were thinking of travelling to mexico i would most defiantly recommend this hotel!

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Come back tomorrow for a post about galaxy nails!! X

Love Milalor XXX




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